Leopard geckos can live a long time with good nutrition and proper care. It is not uncommon for a gecko to live twenty or more years.

Even with a good habitat and diet, illness can still occur. You should find a veterinarian who has experience with reptiles and exotic animals before a health problem arises.

Health problems and illness
Below is a guide to some of the more common health issues that face leopard geckos.

Digestive Tract Obstruction
This occurs when a gecko eats something it is unable to digest. The obstructions can be sand, gravel, or substrate that the leopard gecko ingested. Whatever it ate can form a blockage that can be fatal. You should always make sure that the substrate in the cage is small enough to be easily passed by the gecko if consumed.

Calcium Deficiencies
If a leopard gecko does not get enough calcium in its diet, it may eat substrate to try to ingest calcium. If it eats too much, a blockage can be formed. The easiest form of prevention is to keep a dish of calcium in the cage at all times. Calcium supplements are readily available at most pet stores.

Mouth Infection
Mouth infections can occur. It can be caused by fighting, a dirty cage, or accidental injury. A sign of infection is swelling around your leopard gecko’s mouth. Treatment involves cleaning the area daily and possibly using an oral antibiotic.

Respiratory Infection
A respiratory infection can occur if your leopard gecko’s habitat is too cold for long periods. Mucus bubbles on the nostrils and labored breathing is a sign of infection. Increasing the temperature of the cage will usually correct the health problem.

If you keep a group of geckos together, fighting may occur and lead to injury. To prevent fighting do not keep more than one male leopard gecko in a cage. Two males together will fight.

Do not overcrowd your geckos. Make sure there are enough hiding places for each one. If you see one gecko hiding more than the others, it may need to be moved to a separate cage. The others may be picking on it.

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